Glamping Camp Arjana – Domogled National Park


If you love the mountains or hiking, homemade food this is the ideal place for a short stay. Glamping Camp Arjana is located in Domogled Valea Cernei National Park in the Coronini-Bedina Nature Reserve, altitude of 1000 m, and offers a rare view of the mountains and hills surrounding Glamping Arjana, namely Arjana Peak, Crow’s Stone, Domogled Massif.

How do you get there?

The access is made by car from the national road E70 Orsova-Mehadia- Plugova, in the locality Plugova it continues on the road DN608 which is an access road, the road is made of cement with unevenness, in Costis village the car is parked at the Church and the host transport is requested if you do not have a 4×4 car. The forest road is difficult to access and takes about 1 hour by 4×4 off-road vehicle, but the landscapes you meet on the road are worth this walk. It cost me 240 lei round trip in August 2021, the transport was provided by the owner.

If you want to move with your backpack, from the Dumbrava Pension located on DN 67D that passes through Baile Herculane, there is a route that lasts about 2 hours to Glamping Camp Arjana.

Once you arrive at Glamping Camp Arjana, you can choose one of the 5 available tents, 2 large tents with 4 places and 3 smaller ones with 2 and 3 places, the landscape that can be seen from the tent is awesome.

The glamping has running water, a small spring captured by the hosts, two showers, and a peasant toilet, each tent is equipped with mattresses, towels, sockets, and a light bulb that uses energy from solar panels. It should be mentioned that there is no electricity from the network, civilization has not yet reached the top of the mountain but this allows you to discover the true nature of unaltered things, to feel the joy and hospitality of the hosts who live there.


The meal is served at the hosts’ house which is at a distance of 5 minutes from Glamping on the descent and 10 minutes on the ascent when you get up to the tents you get hungry again ha haha . The hosts impress with their simplicity and with the hospitality that you can rarely meet, always happy to be guests and happy to share their life with you, their positive and pure energy fills your soul.

Nothing I served at the table is commercial, considering that they do not have a refrigerator, it is cooked daily, I served breakfast – 20 lei/person and dinner 30 lei/person, the dishes that were prepared come from their own household, they are organic and I don’t think I can describe that special taste they have, everything is homemade, starting with the bread made in the wood oven, with the milk and cheese from the cows, which I witnessed milking, fresh eggs – I initially thought that they have dye in them, ha ha ha,  but I had forgotten that this is what an egg from chickens that grow free, cherry made with plums from the orchard, etc.

After enjoying yourself, it’s time to go hiking, to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that are nearby, you can reach the top of Arjana, 30 minutes walk there is another Glamping Camp Dobraia, Vanturatoarea Waterfall.

Have fun reading and good weather.

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