Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro

Cristo Redentor is a monument in Rio de Janeiro, located south of the city, on Mount Corcovado, in the Tijuca forest. The monument was planned on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Brazil’s declaration of independence.

How to get to Christ The Redeemer

What you need to consider …

Where are you staying in Rio de Janeiro: Rio is a big city, it is best to choose a means of transport close to your hotel.
You have to check the weather forecast – it is a big difference if you choose to go on a sunny day or with many clouds, below you notice the difference.

1. With an agency

The easiest way to get to Christ The Redeemer is with the help of a travel agency and depending on where you are in Rio, you will be picked up from the hotel. I like this option because you optimize your days in Rio! There are a lot of companies in Rio, so it is possible to get great prices! Just be careful not to hire illegal agents who could ruin your trip. I recommend that you always look at the comments on TripAdvisor and Facebook. Get exclusive discounts! S2RIO, for example, in addition to having excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and Facebook, offered us a special discount (R $ 20.00 per person) on a lot of different tours, including Christ The Redeemer and Sugar Loaf! You just have to talk to them on WhatsApp.

2. With train

The train is the most traditional way to reach Christ the Savior and in my opinion, it has the most beautiful view! The train leaves from Cosme Velho, a quiet neighborhood of Rio that is not so easily accessible because it does not have a metro station.

a. Arriving at the entrance to Corcovado train station: by metro

The nearest metro station is Largo do Machado. If you like to walk, it will take about 40 minutes from the metro station to the train station.

b. Arriving at the entrance to Corcovado station: by Uber / Taxi

Of course, you can also take a taxi or Uber to go to the train entrance. If you live in the South of Rio (Copacabana / Ipanema / Leblon / Botafogo …), it will not cost you more than R $ 40.00.

c. Arriving at the entrance to Corcovado train station: by bus

If you want to enjoy Rio using public transport, you can take a bus to the train station entrance. From Leblon, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Botafogo: the “Circular 1” bus From the center, Lapa and Glória: the “Troncal 8” bus How much does the train cost? USD 82.00 (high season) and USD 67.00 (low season) You can buy tickets at the train station, online, or at one of the 3 points of sale (cash only): Rio Sul Shopping Center kiosk, Copacabana kiosk, Rio kiosk Tour and kiosk Largo do Machado. As the train is limited, we recommend that you book in advance, if it is not off-season and the city is empty. Working time: from 8 AM to 9 PM Train contact: You can call 55 21 2558-1329.

3. By minibus

From Copacabana: R $ 64.00 (off-season) or R $ 79.00 (season)
From Largo do Machado: $ 64.00 (off-season) or $ 79.00 (season)

From Barra da Tijuca (inside the Cita América shopping center): USD 93.00 (off-season) or USD 108.00 (season)

You can buy tickets online or from where they leave from pl christ. The queues during the season are huge, so you better be sure to buy tickets online!

4. Walking through the Tijuca forest

The trail starts at Parque Lage, next to the Botanical Garden. It’s not an easy walk, it takes about 3 hours! I did this route and I liked it, but the next day my legs hurt a lot hahaha! For those who are in good shape, if you like adventure and nature, I recommend it !!! But preferably go in large groups or hire a guide (no one wants to get lost in the middle of the forest in Rio de Janeiro – and it’s even safer, hehehe.
How to get to Parque Lage by metro: when you buy your ticket, ask for a “Metrô na Surface”. In the metro, get off at Botafogo station and follow the signs “Metrô na Superfieza”. “Metrô na superférieure” is a bus that will take you to the entrance to Parque Lage!

5. By car

For those who come to Rio by car or rent a car here, there is a 5th option!
Even if you can’t get to Christ’s entrance by driving, you can get to the parking lot in Paineiras. From there, minibusses, city buses take you the rest of the way. For those who feel fit, you can walk the rest of the way, and entry is cheaper!

Entrance and minibus price: Van from Paineiras to Corcovado (with entrance included) R $ 31.00 (off-season) and R $ 46.00 (season).

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