All You Need To Know Before Travelling Elafonissi, Crete

             Elafonissi isn’t just one of the most renowned beaches of Crete, and of Greece by and large – this remarkable objective has likewise made the arrangements of the main ten beaches on the planet. Elafonissi is a characteristic miracle. This is a special, secured environment — considerably more than a beach, Elafonissi is a valuable common territory. It is definitely justified even despite the (perfect) drive to arrive at it.

Location: Elafonissi is in the extreme southeast corner of Crete. It is a to a great extent uninhabited region of the island, with next to no to intrude on the normal excellence of the environmental factors. This is an energizing corner of Crete to visit, with an emotional landscape and dazzling vistas.

How to reach there

             Elafonissi is in the territorial unit of Chania. There is a vehicle rental warehouse legitimately at Chania’s International Ioannis Daskalogiannis air terminal. On the other hand, in the event that you will show up by vessel at Souda sound, a vehicle can be brought straightforwardly to you. In any case, you will be out and about instantly by any stretch of the imagination.

             The drive is about an hour and 45 minutes. You will initially appreciate perspectives on the ocean from the street embracing the northern bank of Crete. At that point, you’ll turn inland at Kissamos sound to slice straight across toward the southwest corner of the island. This course brings you through a lavish open country and a couple of beautiful spots for a conventional dinner in the shade.

              When you show up at Elafonissi, you will discover plentiful stopping. From here, stroll to the shores – one unprotected fronting the open Mediterranean, and the other on the square-shaped by the island. Elafonissi is frequently called Elafonisi Island, and the guides show it as an island, incredibly near the shore. The ocean is so shallow here that you arrive at the island essentially by swimming through warm and amazingly shallow turquoise waters. Actually, some of the time the flows move the sands with the end goal that you arrive at Elafonissi by strolling over a portion of dry sand.

Where to stay

             Since Elafonisi is to some degree far off, the town of Chania is in any event 90 minutes or more via vehicle, so you should remain for the time being. After the last groups from the visit transports leave, it’s really a somewhat peaceful spot, ideal for a family get-away. The Elafonisi Resort by the Kalomirakis Family caters well to family gatherings. It has rooms over their taverna and in a few different structures spread around an olive forest and among their citrus trees. The rooms have kitchenettes and cooling.

Food and drink

   There are two essential sea beaches bars close to the beach. Flask Kukurakis on the edge of the eastern stopping zone has snacks, frozen yogurts, latrine offices, and cold beverages. Further up the unpaved street away from the beach is Panorama. It’s a bar with a comparable contribution, in addition to mixed drinks. At the point when the beach is packed, you should stand by quite a while to be served at either. No one suggests the extremely normal food at Panorama, however, this bar merits a daytime visit since it has a fabulous view. Stop here for a beverage on the porch and take in a wide-point perspective on the beach, the tidal pond, and the island past.

           On the off chance that you are searching for more generous food (and cleaner bathrooms), the Taverna Kalomirakis Family is important for the Elafonisi Resort and is mainstream for its fish and customary Greek food. It’s additionally gotten an endorsement of greatness from TripAdvisor. It’s about a large portion of a mile from the seashore, or around a 10-minute walk. Explorers additionally suggest Innachorion, an eatery with rooms around 1 kilometer (1/3 mile) from the beach for a conventional Cretan feast.

Things to do in Elofonisi

Elafonissi isn’t only a lovely sea beach yet it additionally shrouded in ensured and uncommon plant species set off by the sublime white and pink sands. Grasses and brilliantly fragrant ocean daffodils spread the emotional sand ridges, alongside other wonderful plant species like Viola scorpioides – the uncommon and exquisite splendid yellow scorpion-tail violet.

           Elafonissi suits basically any sort of seashore movement you can envision. When you enter the seashore region you will give your selection of regions for hammocks and umbrellas (for an expense), and saloons for tidbits and rewards. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are searching for a more out of control sort of beach insight, just continue strolling. The island is huge and even on jam-packed days in the event that you are eager to jaunt through the ridges a flawless activity in any case you make certain to discover some isolation.


         Elafonisi is really an island, isolated from the southwest shoreline of Crete, by a shallow, warm tidal pond and a shoal that is lowered under around one meter of water all things considered during the elevated tide. The beach on the terrain and with respect to the shoal that is never lowered is populated by many seashore seats and umbrellas and a huge number of vacationers in the high season.

          Yet, guests can swim out to the island to enter a different universe. It is a globally ordered nature save. There’s no shade and on the grounds that beach seats and umbrellas are not allowed, fewer individuals advance toward it. Indeed, even in the busiest season, it is conceivable to discover calm little inlets and pockets of sandy beach at times mainstream with naked bathers.

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